Andreas M. Antonopoulos | Money As a Control System

In this talk with technologist and serial entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos we hear how the US Government via Nixon turned money into a system of control.

The majority of the Western middle class population believe and accept that the banking infrastructure is the safe haven for the little wealth they maybe able to accumulate, but do the banks really have your best interests at heart and do they have to give your money back when request?

An excerpt from an earlier article we published:

For the average person in the Western World there is one common stress factor which we all share, money. The majority of people living in western society spend 50% of their waking hours working. Then a large proportion of the time not working is spent worrying about how to pay the bills, how to cloth your children, how to feed the family.

The average debt per household in the UK is £17000 and in the US $16000, this value is increasing year by year. As people struggle to survive they take out loans and use credit cards at often extortionate interest rates.

Those who struggle more of course have to pay higher interest rates making the poor even poorer, while the rich millionaires can borrow at virtually 0% interest rates, making the rich richer!

The financial system is designed and succeeds in ensuring the poor remain poor and the rich become richer.

This is exactly how the system was designed, to keep you perpetually enslaved to the state. How do we circumvent this? Simple, look to Cryptocurrency!

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