Bitmain Launch CryptoNight ASIC While Monero Devs Prepare Hardfork Making Them Obsolete

Bitmain Launch Monero CryptoNight ASIC While Monero Devs Prepare Hardfork Making Them Obsolete

On Thursday of this week Bitmain announced the launch of their new Antminer X3, a new ASIC miner which is designed to mine the CryptoNight Algorithm used in various Cryptocurrencies, but in most cases people will only be interested in using these new devices for Monero.

The first batch of these new offerings from Bitmain sold out pretty quick and there are still two more batches of these new miners up for sale in the near future, however before you jump over to Bitmains website you may want to continue reading.

Although Bitmain is not advertising these as Monero Miners that is exactly what they were designed for, there is no other cryptocurrency on the Cryptonight Algorithm with the exception of maybe Bytecoin that is worth mining so the news that Moneros next hardfork will make these new ASICs useless for mining Monero may well upset Bitmain and those that have already purchased the first batch.

Monero project lead Riccardo Spagni took to Twitter to remind Bitmain and everyone interested in these new X3 miners that they ‘WILL NOT’ work on Monero:

So be warned, at $12,000 these new ASIC’s from Bitmain do not come cheap, nor do they come soon – with the first batch expected to be delivered mid May at the earliest it would seem that Monero’s Hardfork will coincide with the first batch deliveries.

Is it ethical to destroy the value of an ASIC product by changing the algorithm, likewise is it ethical for companies like Bitmain to produce ASICs which can make GPU miners obsolete – We’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below!


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