Netanyahu | Banks Will Disappear, Possibly Due To Bitcoin

Netanyahu | Banks Will Disappear, Possibly Due To Bitcoin

War criminal and tyrant to many Benjamin Netanyahu, Israels prime minister, has claimed that the recent rally in Bitcoin’s value is connected to why the traditional banking system will eventually go by the wayside.

Netanyahu appears on a video, in Hebrew saying, “Is the fate of banks that they will eventually disappear? Yes. The answer is yes. Does it need to happen tomorrow? And do we need to do it through Bitcoin? That’s a question mark.”

A strange conversation indeed and do we really believe Netanyahu thinks Banks will ‘eventually disappear’?

I’m not so sure, we are still trying to find an exact translation of the video as the only source we have so far is from ETH News, but they lack any source details to where they ascertained their translation of the video’s dialog.

But regardless of Netanyahu genuinity, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general will dominate our economy and financial institutions in general, banks will decline and eventually be obsolete, we will finally be in control of our wealth.

Below is the video featuring Israel’s prime minister (supposedly) talking about Banks and their demise.


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