Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Make First Major Investment in Everipedia

Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital Make First Major Investment in Everipedia

We reported just last month about Everipedia announcing that they will be building their platform on EOS and airdropping all EOS token holders with their own IQ tokens, soon after we reported that the EOS VC Partnership program were teaming up with Mike Novogratz’s ‘Crypto Bank’ firm, Galaxy Digital.

With all this in mind it will come as no surprise that Galaxy Digital has announced it will be making a major investment in the Everipedia project.

Everipedia, the decentralized offshoot of Wikipedia, announced Thursday that it had secured $30 million through an equity sale led by Galaxy Digital’s EOS.io Ecosystem Fund. The funding round was restricted to strategic investors, according to statements. – Coindesk

Everipedia will use the funds to get their platform launched as soon as possible, the new ‘decentralized wikipedia’ platform aims to be censorship resistant through the use of smart contracts which will record all contributions on the blockchain and rewarding contributors with their own IQ token which will be tradeable on the open market.

This is the first major project to be announced that will be using the upcoming EOS platform which is being developed by the Block.one team


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