Eighties Gaming Giant Atari Jump On The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Eighties Gaming Giant Atari Jump On The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Eighties game developer responsible for classics such as Pac-man, Pong and Space Invaders has unveiled its plans for the future and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are both on the menu.

The Atari Group have announced that they will be getting involved with two new Cryptocurrency ventures via partnerships. Atari of just another name in a long list of companies past their prime attempting to pump some new life into their business and new dollars into their stock price, which works by the way:

Since these new crypto related ventures were announced Atari’s stock price has risen by almost 60%.

Atari’s projects consist of a crypto-entertainment platform for the ‘Atari Token’ as well as a casino platform for cryptocurrency gaming activity. 

Now Atari is tipping its hand to more of its strategy, which involves taking a 17.5% equity stake in Gibraltar-based blockchain startup Infinity Networks, to which the game console company has licensed out its brand. Infinity is behind a decentralized platform for digital entertainment across channels including video games, film and music.

Atari is quick to point out that the Infinity platform is still under development, which is a key point for potential buyers of the Atari Token, which will fuel the Infiniti platform.

Meanwhile, Atari also has its sights set on the casino market and is taking its relationship with online gaming platform Pariplay, whose platform is fueled both by fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Nostalgic gamers will be glad to see some of their favorite Atari games on the online casino sites, though the company doesn’t identify which ones yet.  Atari is developing a second digital coin dubbed the Pong Token that will be dedicated to the casino platform. – CCN.Com

It will be interesting to see how this turns out for Atari and whether they can raise their profile from the depths of days gone by into a new era of technology. We’ll keep you post with the Token details as and when more details come in.


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