Cryptocurrency Total Market Capital On It’s Way To $1Trillion

Cryptocurrency Total Market Capital On It's Way To 1 Trillion

If you’ve been paying attention to the markets over the past few weeks and especially the last few days you will of noticed a whole lot of gains across the board in the Crypto Markets.

We’ve seen Ripple go parabolic, Ethereum reach all new time highs as well as just about all other major Crypto assets. Bitcoin has in the mean time dropped it’s total market share of the space from the 50% mark to around 35% mark. This is quite a significant drop, however such a loss in position has historically resulted in another bull run as it sucks the money back in from all the other cryptocurrencies.

With all this growth we have seen the total market capital pass the $700 Billion and is currently sitting at $730 Billion, at the current growth rate we could see the big $1 Trillion mark by the end of January. Get ready for lots more talk about bubbles and tulips over the coming weeks from our favorite mainstream news sources!

Happy New Year – If you found 2017 exciting, we can assure you 2018 will blow you away!

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