Controversial Tether Token Confirm Relationship With Auditor ‘Dissolved’

Controversial Tether Token Confirm Relationship With Auditor 'Dissolved'

Tether has been raising some serious questions for sometime now, with certain individuals in the space seemingly dedicating all their time to questioning it’s legitimacy and pointing out it’s pitfalls, i.e Bitfinexed.

Well a few hours ago an announcement was made that Tether will be dissolving it’s relationship with it’s current auditor:

“We confirm that the relationship with Friedman is dissolved.  Given the excruciatingly detailed procedures Friedman was undertaking for the relatively simple balance sheet of Tether, it became clear that an audit would be unattainable in a reasonable time frame. As Tether is the first company in the space to undergo this process and pursue this level of transparency, there is no precedent set to guide the process nor any benchmark against which to measure its success.”

This news will undoubtedly fuel current concerns over the Tether token and i’m sure those behind the psedeneum Bitfinexed are  beside themselves with excitement over the news. The reason for Tether and Friedman’s split is unknown, whom left whom is not clear, however, as soon as we have more details on the story we will let you know.


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