Bitcoin jumps Above $8,700 to Record High as Coinbase adds 100,000 Users

Bitcoin jumps Above $8,700 to Record High as Coinbase adds 100,000 Users

Bitcoin has continued to climb over the past 24 hours reaching a new all time high of $8700 earlier today. This new bull run (though has bitcoin actually stopped being bullish this year?) comes on the back of news surrounding CME futures beginning in just a few weeks, Coinbase added another 100,000 users also within the past 24 hours bringing their total user base to 13.1 million users.

“The move appears to be retail driven,” said Brian Kelly, a CNBC contributor and CEO of BKCM, which runs a digital assets strategy.

Not to rub it in to those who didn’t invest in Bitcoin before this year, but here is a little chart of this years gains from

bitcoin price chart 2017

Bitcoin hasn’t been the only digital asset receiving nice increases in it’s value this week, we’ve seen a mass of green across the board (with a few exceptions). Ethereum has broken $400 for the first time, Dash has also broken through an all time high this week of $645.

This upward trend is likely to continue at least until the middle of december, though most likely it will continue right through until the new year. 2018 has a bust timetable in the World of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Although we’d rather not be quoted on this statement, 2018 is looking to be an even more prosperous year for Cryptocurrency on the whole than 2017. However, expect some major blows as well as more and more Government’s start smacking some hefty regulations into place in their desperate attempts to gain some control (good luck) over the markets.




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