Bitcoin Bounces Off Support at $6000 – But Can It Hold?

Bitcoin Bounces Off Support at $6000 - But Can It Hold?

The past few days have been pretty devastating for just about anyone invested in Cryptocurrency over the past few days, we’ve seen red days one after the other, we’ve seen negative news on Cryptocurrency spilling out of every orifice of the media, much of which has been false by the way. However this morning we saw Bitcoin bounce off the $6000 mark and throughout the day it’s climbed back above $7000.

We’ve also seen the entire market capital of the Crypto Space make some gains today:

Whether the markets can hold onto any of these gains remains to be seen but it’s been a little rest bite for traders to gather their satoshi’s for the next round of potential carnage, should it come.

It’s not just the Crypto markets that have been receiving some blood letting this week, Global markets have also seen $4 Trillion wiped off the balance sheets over just a seven day period, although analysts are playing down the even as a correction rather than a crash, it’s would be prudent to prepare for more blood shed across the board!


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