Banking Criminal Jamie Dimon Claims ‘Bitcoin Is a Fraud’


Jamie Dimon states 'Bitcoin is a fraud'

Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive of JPMorgan Chase has made the claim that ‘Bitcoin is a Fraud’ and that if anyone within his fraudulent little banking racket is caught trading in Cryptocurrencies they will be removed from their position. The remarks were made yesterday at a Barclays Bank conference.

Dimon has never kept his feelings on Bitcoin a secret, back in 2015 when Bitcoin was trading around $400 he made the statement that ‘Bitcoin will not survive’.

He also has compared the Crypto craze to the 17th Century Tulip bulb craze.

So Why All The Negativity From Dimon?

Jamie Dimon has spent his entire career working within the Criminal banking system, with many years on the board of directors at the Federal Reserve he is a true mastermind in theft of mass populations on a grand scale. Something like Bitcoin threatens everything he has ever known, it threatens his entire criminal empire from the ground up.

If you want to look at fraudulent economic systems, look no further than the current fractional reserve banking system which Dimon endorses and has actively worked for most of his life. Heres a small excerpt from an article we published earlier in the year:

In a nutshell, Fractional reserve banking is where banks keep just a fraction of customers deposits on hand, they are free to lend out the rest. Most banks work on a 10% reserve, so if £1000 was deposited they keep £100 in the vault, then lend out the £900 to another customer. As you can imagine this quickly becomes very profitable for the banks as they can charge interest on 90% of all money coming in, when it is lent out.

Our whole economic system is designed to keep the majority enslaved to pay the ever increasing debt accumulated by an unsustainable society, only a small minority benefit from this system – a minority which is only getting smaller each year.

So when Jamie Dimon makes statements such as these we should celebrate that clearly Bitcoin has caught his attention, if it wasn’t a threat these statements would not even exist.

The very fact that he compares it to the tulip bulb bubble in the 1600’s displays either his ignorance to what Bitcoin is, or his inability to come up with a valid reasoning for his negativity towards it.

Someone else who loves Jamie Dimon as much as us is Max Keiser:

John Mcafee also had a thing or two to say about Dimon’s statements:

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