WCX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Launches Despite ‘Scam’ Claims

WCX Trading Platform Launches Despite 'Scam' Claims

We recently reviewed the WCX ICO and we even shared our concerns over whether this project was legit, however among the bitcoin forums people have been proclaiming this as a 100% for some time.

The huge incentives offered for referrals and the claims of a significant potential passive income have also made many wary of the project, but in their defence this is just a method of advertising, they have done little to no advertising across the major advertising networks so using it’s potential user base as advertisers seems like nothing out of the ordinary.

The lack of people actually being invited to the new exchanges beta program didn’t help matters as the screenshots of their alleged platform were spitting images of the GDAX platform.

However, today, as promised WCX have launched their exchange, although with limited sign up, to the public.

The exchange currently features Bitcoin trading pairs with just Ethereum , Ripple’s XRP native token and Litecoin.

Sign up is currently limited and if you attempt to sign up today you will receive a message asking you to try again next week.

As well as the exchange launch there is an update to the Roadmap, plans for the coming months on the project are now available for viewing on Trello.

If the roadmap is any indication then the platform is going to progress immensely over the coming months, it will definitely be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

But Could This Still Be a Scam?

Most definitely, although with a product finally taking shape it seems a little elaborate, then again what we are offered so far is not much, any experienced developer could chuck this exchange mock up together with relative ease. So yes, be cautious and only invest what you can afford to loose, because loose it you may if this does turn out to be an elaborate scam.

However, scam or not you can still claim your 50 free WCXT tokens in the ICO Pre-sale by following this link.


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Frederick Wright

Definitely a scam. Revealed by several independent reviews. Cryptobriefing.com is a well documented.review.