What is Hashgraph and Could it Replace Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many aspects of how we do things and how we are likely to do things in the future. Although primarily used for the well known Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain can be used for so much more than just currency, whether it be for supply chains or smart contracts it has a whole range of use cases which will transform many industries.

However in most cases, applications are being built around blockchain as it is, without considering developing a new ledger based solution inspired by blockchain. However why should we assume blockchain in it’s current form is the only way, maybe consensus can be reached more efficiently using something slightly different to blockchain?

Well many believe Hashgraph is a far better solution for creating immutable, highly secure and scalable distributed ledgers and from everything we know so far about Hashgraph, that could be so.

We will be publishing a long post about Hashgraph in far more detail shortly, however in the meantime we’ve attached an exceptionally good video explaining just how Hashgraph works using a simple analogy based description.

Whats your thoughts on Hashgraph, do you think it could replace Blockchain, or do you think it’s all hype?

We’d love to hear from you so please comment below on your thoughts on this.


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