Bitcoin Miners Could Soon Be Simultaneously Sequencing Genetic Data

Bitcoin Miners Could Soon Be Simultaneously Sequencing Genetic Data

Based on a new patent filed by Intel it would seem that before to long Bitcoin Miners may also have the opportunity to assist in ‘sequencing genetic data’. One would assume such tasks would be incentivised by some form of monetary payment, how this would work is unclear:

According to the patent:

A sequence mining platform (SMP) comprises a processor, at least one machine-accessible storage medium responsive to the processor, and a sequence manager in the machine-accessible storage medium. The sequence manager is configured to use processing resources to determine a sequence of nucleobases in a nucleic acid.

The storage medium also comprises a blockchain manager to (a) collect transaction data for one or more transactions for a blockchain which requires a proof of work (POW) for each new block; and (b) include at least some of the transaction data in a new block for the blockchain. The storage medium also comprises a sequence mining module (SMM) to use the determined sequence of nucleobases from the sequence manager to create a POW for the new block.

In one embodiment, the SMM enables an entity which controls the SMP to receive transaction rewards and sequencing rewards. Other embodiments are described and claimed.

Such a technology could provide huge advancements in cancer and other diseases:

“Possibly leading to improved prevention of cancer and other diseases, improved understanding of biological ecosystems, improved tracking of populations and pathology, etc.”

There will be floods of new innovations such as these before to long as the realisation of the possibilities enabled by blockchain technology are discovered. The next few years could see one of the biggest advancements in human technological advancement in recent known history.


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