Taking Over The World With Bitcoin – Joby Weeks


Jeff Berwick Interviews Bitclub Founder and Anarchapulco Veteran, Joby Weeks


Bitclub now one of the biggest miners in the world, the search for energy self-sufficiency in mining, Bitcoin Cash and the fork, the state of the network, the velocity of money is speeding up, Joby turns on Floyd Mayweather to crypto, the Estonian ICO, unhackable elections on the blockchain, getting into bitcoin mining, the Bitclub vision, going public, creating a new economy that cuts out the government, smart contracts, segwit and the lightning network, they can’t stop the Bitcoin!

Find out more about BitClub here: https://dollarvigilante.com/bitclub

Anarchapulco 2018: https://anarchapulco.com

Video source can be found on the Anarchasts Youtube Channel



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