Cryptocurrency Total Market Capital Surpasses Half a Trillion….. Again!

Cryptocurrency Total Market Capital Surpasses Half a Trillion..... Again!

The total market capital value of all Cryptocurrencies combined has once again reached and surpassed the $500 Billion milestone. This valuation has already be breached before, back in December during the beginning of Bitcoins massive bull run the entire space’s valuation quickly surpassed $500 Billion and in fact by early January it was up around $820 Billion before the markets corrected to pre-december values once again.

However the markets do appear to be recovering from there lows earlier this month, Bitcoin dropped back to $6000 earlier this month and many feared it would drop further however it bounced off the 200 DMA value of $6000. Since then we have seen a steady rise in Bitcoin to where it sits now at just shy of $11,000. This in turn has pushed the Cryptocurrency market capital back above half a trillion:

cryptocurrency market value

Whether these new gains can be held has yet to be seen but for now the Cryptocurrency space is once again booming.


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