Bitcoin Up 10% As Crypto-Markets Rebound

After a long painful weak of Crypto-corrections as Bitcoin dropped from it’s all-time-high of $20,000 to lows of around $11,500 and the entire cryptomarket with a couple exceptions followed, we are finally seeing the clouds break and sun shine once more on the markets. In the past few hours Bitcoin has surged 10% and the total market capitalization of the Crypto markets as a whole as it heads back towards the $600 Billion mark.

There will be many burnt hands and many lessons learned over the past few days as many newcomers to the space will have had their first experience of Crypto-volatility. These lessons can be devastating, however they are essential for anyone entering into the space. You generally only get burned once and generally speaking, those that remain and continue in this space following such an experience become new additions to the crypto-community forever.

Bitcoin Price Index: In the past 24 hours Bitcoin buying pressure has begun pushing causing a 10% price increase


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