Kim Dotcom | “Everybody Will Use Cryptocurrency”

Internet legend Kim Dotcom has commented on the recent Crypto crash and it’s clear that he’s not worried, in fact he has made the statement that “Everybody will use crypto” in the future.

Kim’s latest venture bitcache is hoping to earn more money for Youtubers using Cryptocurrency, linking file transfers to Bitcoin microtransfers Bitcache is set to revolutionise how we do things online:

Megaupload 2.0 Is Coming

Most people will know of Kim Dotcom from his upload storage site, Megaupload. The site was closed down back in 2015 due to mass copyright infringement. Kim has always denied any wrong doing and the case against him by the US Government has been a controversial one.

However, a little thing like being wanted by the US Government has not stopped Kim from continuing his work – Megaupload 2.0 release is imminent and this time its powered by the blockchain. Details are still slim on Kim’s new project, but judging on what we do know all existing media storage and streaming platforms will have a run for their money while potentially filling the pockets of the content providers.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments on this project as they come in.

Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Megaupload (Documentary)


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