Five Reasons Why You Might Not Support Bitcoin

Five Reasons Why You Might Not Support Bitcoin

We all have different opinions and belief systems which are a result of everything that has led you to this point in time, since Bitcoin is currently the buzz word on the street we decided to just give a run down on the five reasons you may not want to get involved with Bitcoin:

You love the traditional central banking system

It maybe you prefer the traditional banking system with their fiat money. Money which can be inflated and deflated at the will, money which is pumped into war, terrorism, social manipulation and the slave trade. It maybe a wealth divide which is by design intended to be ever widening leaving the majority of the population in a perpetual state of poverty is your personal preference. If so Bitcoin is not for you, decentralized and autonomous it is far harder to control, far more fairly distributed and with limited supply thus far harder to manipulate.

You like being questioned about what you want to spend your money on

It maybe you like being given the third degree about why you want to send $10,000 across the world to a friend or client, a nice conversation with the bank every time you want to use large amounts of YOUR OWN money may seem appealing at times when your feeling lonely or bored.

You prefer currency to be backed by nothing

Bitcoin is backed by the protocol, its ability to be sent and received without consent across the World to any destination at speed with minimal fees, however some of you may prefer a currency which is back by nothing. You may prefer to pay large fee’s when sending across borders, you may prefer to wait a few days for international transfers.

You want to make sure your wealth is always available for the Government to Tax or Freeze

One major issue with Bitcoin is it’s inability to be stolen by the Government without knowledge of your private key. This allows people to own wealth which they can keep all for themselves, which is greedy. We should always want to allow the state to extract our money easily so they can pay for War and destruction across the World. So in this case central banks fiat system is a far better choice, easily accessible at anytime by the state for their murderous antics.

You prefer centralised systems where small groups of people control the many

Bitcoin is decentralized, there is no single CEO, no single controller, no single money printer or decision maker. Decentralized systems are historically far more efficient and fairer systems however it does mean a certain amount of equality is established within any given ‘decentralized’ society. It maybe that you prefer society to have a more diverse level of living conditions and lifestyles. After all it’s no good being happy and having everything you want in life if everyone else has it well. Looking down upon those who have less can be most satisfactory to some.

There are many more reasons why you may oppose Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency evolution of our society that it is fueling. If you are one of these people then that’s ok, the World in which we all share and inhabit was perfectly fine before Satoshi popped up with his whitepaper, right?




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