Bitcoin Storms Past $6000 Hitting All New Time High

Bitcoin has been building once again this weekend, and just this evening we have seen the value of Bitcoin on all major exchanges blast through $6k and hit an all time high of $6316 on Bitstamp and  $6341 on Bitfinex, shortly after peaking these highs it dropped back down to below $6200, but has since began building once again.

Bitfinex all time high

Bitstamp BTC all time high

The big question is though, where will Bitcoin go from here, with Segwit2x just around the corner we are in for a interesting few weeks.

Bitcoin is not the only Cryptocurrency to be rallying today, we have seen huge increases across the board with few exceptions, EOS has been the days biggest winner with over 20% increase in the last 24 hours. Every single crypto in the top 10 has also seen gains against the dollar today with the total market capital of the Crypto-sphere now sitting comfortably at $178,543,920,145.

We shall see tomorrow morning whether Bitcoin can hold above $6000, if it can hold above for just a few hours once Europe awakes we could be heading towards $6500 by the end of day tomorrow. However, a drop below $6000 could see it drop back to $5750.



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