Why Bitcoin Could Literally Save Your Life – You Must Read This!

Bitcoin Could Save Your Life

Weekend food shopping for the family is probably one of the most common pastimes for families every weekend across the Western World, we throw the kids (not literally) into the back of the car and head off to town to restock our food cupboards. Unlike the good old days of getting your clients or employer paying you in Cash we now rely on those good old boys over at the bank to accept our earnings directly from our employer or clients.

So rather than grabbing the cash out of the jar in the kitchen, the average citizen, including ourselves, check they have their payment cards and head off to the shops. This convenience of not having to carry cash around is great isn’t it, no worries about losing your cash, or having it stolen by thieves. The wonderful folk over at the Bank protect our money from criminals, make it easy and convenient to spend and will even pay you a little interest for keeping your money in their bank.

So back to the weekend food shopping, the trolley is crammed full of vegetables, fruit, Milk and other goodies (all Organic of course), and head over to the payment tills, you put your trusty bank card into the payment machine and boom – “Card Declined”

But its ok, we have a mobile banking app, from here we can move money between accounts personal and business and ensure we always have money where and when we need it. Pin number for mobile app typed in…… “Sorry your account has been blocked”.

Account Under Review – All Balances Frozen

So by this point weekly food shopping is abandoned and a phone call to the lovely team over at Barclays Bank is made. After being diverted around 20 people who all claim they are not the people I need to speak to, I finally discover all my Accounts have been frozen and are under review. No access to money is available, all direct debits will be bounced, no money will be accepted into the accounts and there is NOTHING I can do about it. It’s all in their T&C’s apparently.

I was informed at this point that they maybe able to give me some of my own money which they stole by visiting a local branch. However, they have closed all our local branches, so after an hours drive to the one branch that is still operating we wait in the bank for 3 hours and speak to multiple clueless people who cannot help us either.

Your Bank Balance Is Not Your Money – Fact

Most people believe that the contents of their bank balance are in fact theirs to do with what they will – however, this is simply not true. When you sign over the management of your fiat money to a bank you are effectively giving your money away, yes in 99.99% of cases this money will be available to you when ever you require it, but at any point the Bank do have the right to withhold your funds and as the economy climbs further and further towards the edge of a precipice this will occur to more and more people.

Feeding Your Family Without Money – ‘Not Our Problem’

After an entire day of trying to find some answers from Barclays bank it became clear that our potential inability to feed our children due to our money being stolen from us by Barclays was not really a moral concern for Barclays, yes don’t get me wrong the minions that Barclays Bank use within their high street branches and place on the end of the phone lines are generally understanding, in fact the minions often appeared extremely confused and baffled by how their masters were treating us, but in the end these people are powerless and due to the cleverly crafted structure of the bank, there is no entity that can be held accountable, no one who is responsible for this crime against humanity which the bank is inflicting upon us and many others around the World at any one time, can be reached.

Fortunately, I am fully aware that the Banks are the biggest criminals to walk the earth, I trust my money in the banks as much as i’d trust a pimp with my daughter. I have been writing about them for years and this current crime against me by the bank has only reinforced my opinions on them. So of course we have access to funding outside the traditional criminal banking system, we have wealth which can never be touched by any Bank or Government.

Why Bitcoin Could Save Your Life

So with five children to feed and keep sheltered, access to our money is crucial, as you can imagine. Effectively the bank have blocked our ability to buy anything for up to 10 days (initially, although we are told this time could be extended). So for anyone unprepared this could potentially mean starvation and eviction.

There are a few ways to protect yourself from the criminal behaviour of the Banks and the Governments, traditionally people would keep cash under a mattress or under a loose floorboard in the house, this is a valid method, although you are extremely vulnerable to theft. Cash is also becoming ever more frowned upon by the system, quickly it’s usage is being minimised and some stores are now advertising as ‘cashless’. The banks intend to have a cashless society in the not to distant future, so therefore cash maybe a short term solution for emergencies, but as a long term safe haven of wealth, it has it’s limits and restrictions.

So another alternative form of wealth storage is Gold, but again this is vulnerable to theft, but also not exactly convenient for purchases. Gold is ideal for long term storage of ones wealth, but virtually useless for buying food and paying the bills.

Bitcoin on the other hand can be stored safely away, no bank or Government can freeze the contents of your wallet, and best of all, you can actually spend it anytime, wherever you want!

This is exactly how we will survive  until the criminals over at Barclays let us have access to our cash again. Using a Bitcoin debit card such as Cryptopay or Xapo (we have both), we are able to continue as normal regardless of what the Bank do. Bitcoin has no centralised authority, it has no CEO, it has no review team or fraud team who inspect what you do with your money to ensure it falls within the law.

Bitcoin gives anyone, anywhere the ability to take full control of their wealth. Used correctly Bitcoin is fully protected from the thieves over at Inland Revenue and the IRS, no bank has the power to freeze your Bitcoin and no central authority can decide to print more bitcoin and therefore deflate the value of your Bitcoin, as we see happening with the central banks and their fiat currencies across the World.

I have been personally preaching about Bitcoin since 2012, as soon as I discovered it’s existence the whole concept of what it stood for literally blew me away. This was something which stood for everything I was fighting for, this was something that could make my dreams of a new world, a better World without banks, without Tyrannical Governments forcing the 99% to perpetually work to barely survive, come true. Bitcoin to me was an offering to humanity that I had never seen before, nor since.

This all may sound a little far fetched and I fully understand why you may be thinking, “It’s just a digital currency, so what?”, but this is where you would be wrong, it is far more than a digital currency, Bitcoin is a decentralised form of exchange, it’s existence does not rely on Government or banks, it relies purely on it’s community. Blockchain, the technology in which Bitcoin is using as it’s ledger has the potential to change the way in which society works in more ways than just economy also, it has the potential to change society for the better in so many ways.

Much of the World’s problems from War through to starvation across many parts of Africa are due to the Banking Elite and their Government Whores, Bitcoin and/or Blockchain technology has the ability to crush them and therefore put an end to the horrors we see unfolding within our World today. The various aspects in which Blockchain technology could change the World as we know it are far beyond the scope of this article, but if you follow what we do here at The Block Crypt than you’ll soon see what we mean.

But lets take this back to just the average citizen, what would you do if every penny you had was frozen, no access to any cash for 10 days?

Would you be able to keep food flowing into your childrens stomachs?

Would you be able to pay the travel costs to continue working?

Would you be able to keep your house warm?

All these are serious questions you should be asking yourself, because the Bank can and will withhold your money whenever they want, without any notice whatsoever.


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