Verge Hacked Again in 35 Million XVG Heist

The Cryptocurrency Verge which promises Privacy and Ironically security to holders of the currency has been hacked yet again according to reports from various Cryptocurrency forums.

This latest attacks comes just one month after a 51 percent attack on the Verge network, an alleged $1 Million was stolen in the attack – At the time Verge made the following announcement on Twitter:

This latest attack is just a modified version of last months vector attack which we might add was pointed out to developers in last month. “Ocminer” stated on Bitcointalk that the attacker used a modified version of last month’s attack to spoof the blockchain. This time the hacker used two algorithms to fork the Verge chain, claiming all the block rewards and 35 million XVG tokens which equates to over $1.5 Million at the current rate.

Verge hacked

The hack appears to be over however confidence in the network will of taken a battering yet again. Verge have made the following statement on their Twitter account:

The value of XVG tokens has taken a hit, though many cryptocurrencies have taken a hit overnight as Bitcoin dropped back below $8.

Verge HAck

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