Tezos In House War Comes To An End – Long Live Tezos

Today marks a new beginning for Tezos as we see Johann Gevers the head of the Tezos Foundation steps down clearing the way for new leadership of the Tezos foundation.

The battle between the Breitmans and Gevers has been ongoing for sometime with various accusations flying around. In a nutshell the Tezos project has struggled to receive any funding whatsoever for the project from Gevers. We covered the initial debacle in an earlier article:

An attorney for the Breitmans sent a 46-page letter on Sunday to the two other members of the foundation’s three-person board, calling for Gevers’ prompt removal and seeking to give the couple a “substantial role” in a new structure that would limit the foundation’s responsibilities. The document accuses Gevers of “self-dealing, self-promotion and conflicts of interest.” According to Gevers, the two board members later suggested via email that he step aside for a month while they investigate.

After several months of infighting the Tezos community also got involved and petitioned for the removal of Gevers from the Foundation, you can read the full letter from the community in our earlier article, but here is an excerpt from the open letter from the community:

We are gravely concerned about Mr. Johann Gevers and his failure to realize the purpose of the Tezos Foundation. These concerns are clearly enumerated in this Community Petition. The petition has now garnered almost 1,400 signatures, from 95 different countries, including some from eminent people in the wider crypto Community. The Tezos Community wishes to expose the gravity of Mr. Gevers’ mismanagement and the need to make changes immediately to ensure that we realize Tezos’ astonishing potential

Regardless of the conflict and community backlash Gevers has stepped down amicably…..eventually:

The Brietman’s are of course happy to move on from this also, Kathleen Breitman made the following statement:

“Arthur and I embrace the change in leadership and look forward to working with the foundation,”

Investors will undoubtedly be relieved to finally see the back of this and the project move on. The futures market for Tezos has reacted as you’d expect in any Cryptomarket, it’s up almost 14% since the news became public sitting at just over $4 per Token at time of writing.

A date for the launch of the Tezos platform has yet to be revealed though, initially the launch was pencilled in for just a couple months after the ICO completion, however this has drifted further and further into the future as inhouse problems began to arise.

We hope the coming weeks and months are little calmer for the Tezos project as the project is potentially a game changer for the Blockchain space.


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