Fundstrat Launches Five Indexes To Track Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Thomas Lee’s Fundstrat rolls out five indexes for tracking Bitcoin and over 600 other Cryptocurrencies. These new FS Crypto FX indexes are for institutional investors “to better understand the evolution and behavior of crypto-currencies”, according to Thomas Lee.

CNBC reports:

Fundstrat’s indexes track a total of 630 digital currencies, divided into five groups by market capitalization and trading volume.

Investors can then analyze the relative performance of different digital currencies within the indexes, similar to how the advance-decline line of the number of S&P 500 stocks rising versus falling on a given day can indicate the health of the market.

The five indexes Fundstrat has created are:

  • FS Crypto 10 — tracks the 10 largest and most liquid digital currencies including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dash, IOTA and monero.
  • FS Crypto 40 — tracks the top 11 to 50 digital currencies by market value and liquidity including NEM, bitconnect and Lisk.
  • FS Crypto 250 — tracks the top 51 to 300 cryptocurrencies by market value and liquidity including BitcoinDark, Singular DTV and FirstCoin.
  • FS Crypto 300 — tracks the 300 largest digital currencies by market value and liquidity.
  • FS Crypto Aggregate — tracks the performance of 630 digital currencies.

Although the Bitcoin and much of the Crypto communities are motivated by removing themselves from these existing financial systems, it is still a good sign that the digital markets are becoming harder and harder to ignore for mainstream investors. These people are merely looking to make money, they care not about decentralisation of wealth, they care not about the poor and underprivileged, they car not for the 99%, they also care not about the asset they invest in – however, Bitcoin, Litecoin and all other decentralised crypto’s also care little for them, but we’ll quite happily absorb their wealth into the crypto market.

2018 is looking to be an interesting year for Cryptocurrencies, if you thought 2017 was a bumpy yet breathtaking ride then just wait till next years ride!

Read more on this at CNBC


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