EOS.IO | Building Enterprises on the Blockchain by Brock Pierce

The EOS ERC-20 token has recently surged 30%, this is no great surprise as the token was becoming seriously undervalued if you consider the technology that is being suggested by the Blockone team behind EOS.IO. This is not just another cryptocurrency, this is not just another Bitcoin or Ethereum spin off. EOS will possibly be the next step in the Blockchain evolution, Blockchain 2.0.

If you haven’t already checked out our earlier article on the EOS platform then we suggests you take a look here.

The header video features Brock Pierce discussing how Blockchain could and hopefully will change how we build an enterprise, allowing everyone regardless of their wealth to take part and benefit from Blockchain technology.

A truly inspiring talk from Brock, a quote which stands out from his talk and we should all try and align with was this:

“A billionaire to me is not someone with a billion pieces of paper; a billionaire to me is someone who touches a billion peoples lives”

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