EOS.IO – Block.one Announce Joint Venture With Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

EOS.IO - Block.one Announce Joint Venture With Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

At the Blockchain Week event held in London today, Brendan Blumer from Block.one made a special announcement at the end of the event about a new partnership between the Block.one team and Galaxy Digital LP (“Galaxy Digital”).

A written copy of this announcement was simultaneously made at Steemit:

Block.one, the developer behind the leading blockchain software EOS.IO, and Galaxy Digital LP (“Galaxy Digital”), a full service, digital assets merchant bank, today announced the formation and capitalization of a joint venture that is focused on developing the EOS.IO ecosystem and making strategic investments in projects that utilize EOS.IO blockchain software. As part of the new relationship, Block.one and Galaxy Digital will deploy capital for future investments through the capitalization of a new $325 million EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund (the “Fund”).

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital:

“EOS.IO is designed to enable new community-driven business models capable of disrupting the world’s largest technology incumbents. This milestone represents Galaxy Digital and Block.one’s joint commitment to investing in that future.”

The team over at Block.one are certainly keeping up the momentum with announcements and development of the EOS.IO ecosystem.

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